Why Choose Adrian Webb Electricans?

Why choose us? There are lots of licenced Sydney electricians! Every electrician will promise good service. Yet when did you last receive good service? Check out our page of testimonials. We would rather let us satisfied electrical clients tell you about our good service.

Our electrical business operates in a way which is a little different from most other trades people or Sydney electricians. That’s what we feel is our greatest strength. It is these ‘differences’ or ‘benefits to you’ our client where we are actually able to deliver superior service as electricians.

Seven reasons why Adrian Webb Electricians should be the company of choice for your electrical work…

  1. You will only receive quality electrical products and workmanship from us! We do not compromise on quality.
  2. You will always know when your electrician will arrive! We guarantee to keep in contact with you regarding your appointment.
  3. You won’t have to waste time and money cleaning up! We guarantee to do that for you.
  4. You can rest assured you are using a reputable electrical company with strong work ethics ! We are a friendly professional team who are all locally based.
  5. Your enquiry will be handled professionally, promptly and efficiently! We are trained, licenced mobile electricians who enjoy our work.
  6. You receive the latest information and education on electrical safety, lighting, energy efficiency and products! We never stop our learning and training.
  7. We are locals. We know people. We can refer other trades and professions to you.We are a member of a business networking group.

Let us connect power to your world. You won’t be disappointed! Check the testimonials page and call us now on Sydney 9939 1764 or office@aweelectrical.com.au to experience for yourself the AWE difference.

Vision Statement

To be the Company of Choice for electrical work; renowned for reliability and superior service.

Purpose Statement

To produce superior results and exceed our customer’s expectations in service and workmanship.

Adrian Webb Electrical Company Values

We are honest electricians. Deceit has no place in our company. We are honest with each other. We are honest with our clients. We are honest with our suppliers. It makes life simple and works!

We communicate. From experience, every failure can be traced back a misunderstanding in communication. Our excellent communication is what many clients comment on.

We are dedicated. Dedicated to our purpose of helping our customers and each other. We enjoy what we do.

We are responsible. Our working and private lives co-exist. At times one can affect the other. We act responsibly at work and continue this into our private lives.

We are polite and well mannered. This is essential not only toward our customers but also to each other. We are all equal and will treat each other this way no matter of our own position in the company.

We welcome feedback. We make sure we appreciate praise and accept criticism. Our view is to focus on how we can learn from criticism and better ourselves so we avoid any similar situations in the future.

We are happy and friendly people. So much so that it is infectious. We enjoy what we do and we help each other.

We are team players. Everything we do is part of a team environment. We help each other as electricians and friends. We succeed with each other as you would in a team environment. If we fail, we do so together as you would in a team environment. We learn together as you would in a team environment. Our success depends on how well we play as a team.

We associate with those who are like minded and share the same values. We strive for “Victor” not “Victim” status.

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