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Sydney Electrician FAQ

My safety switch has tripped off and I cannot reset it. What can I do?

Step 1: Turn OFF the Main Switch, turn the safety switch ON (it should stay on) then turn the Main Switch ON. If safety switch trips OFF proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: UNPLUG all appliances in your home. Basically anything with a plug that is plugged into a power point should be removed from the power point. It’s not enough to just turn OFF at the power point. Remember appliances which are plugged in at discrete locations such as dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods etc.

Step 3: Turn safety switch ON. If safety switch trips OFF repeat Step 1. If safety switch still trips proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Turn OFF the Main Switch. Switch all circuit breakers OFF or REMOVE all fuses. Turn the safety switch ON (it should stay on) then turn the Main Switch ON. (Safety switch should still be ON).

Step 5: One at a time carefully INSERT fuses or turn circuit breakers ON. When the safety switch trips REMOVE that fuse or turn that particular circuit breaker OFF. Continue to carefully INSERT remaining fuses/turn circuit breakers ON one at a time. You should have 1 circuit which is OFF. This will allow you to have partial power until your electrician can turn up. With the circuit that is OFF, double check all appliances have been REMOVED from the power point.

Step 6: Contact your electrician. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764. Energy Australia’s emergency service number for out of hours is 131 388.

My smoke alarm is beeping. What can I do?

You need to know whether your smoke alarm is battery powered only or mains powered with a battery backup. A mains powered alarm should have an indicator (usually a green light) which indicates 240 volt power is present. Red lights usually indicate no power or a battery fault. A battery only smoke alarm usually does not have any indicator lights.

Battery only alarms can usually be hushed by replacing the battery (usually a 9 volt battery). The alarm should clip (either with a twist or a slide) into a bracket which is secured to the ceiling.

A mains powered smoke alarm will still have a battery (usually 9 volt) backup in built. Again the alarm should clip (either with a twist or a slide) into a bracket which is secured to the ceiling. You should be able to identify the battery’s location and if safe to do so you can replace the battery. It is wise to isolate the power to the smoke alarm before coming in contact with any 240 volt areas of the alarm.

If problems persist check the date of manufacture on your alarm. Alarms have a life span of around 10 years. You may need to replace your alarm. Click here to download our Recommended Smoke Alarm Maintenance Form. Contact your electrician if problems persist or if you need to replace your smoke alarm. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

How do I change the globe in a recessed halogen down light?

Make sure you isolate the power to the fitting before touching. To remove the lamp you will usually need to remove the inner ring on the fitting first. Depending on the make and model this will either be a twist lock or clip in method. Sometime the heat of the lamp will cause the ring to stick. A tap with a screwdriver in the join should loosen the ring so you can remove it.

The lamps usually push in to a lamp holder. (An older method involved the lamp holders having small screws to hold the lamp). Wiggle the lamp out of the lamp holder and replace it with a new lamp of the same voltage and wattage. These details should be marked on the lamp. (Usually 12 volt and wattage ranging up to 50 watts).

If any burning or damage is visible on the lamp holder you should contact your electrician to replace it. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

All down lights installed after 1 July 2008 should be installed in a manner which meets the new standards regarding fire rating.

Can you help with ADSL internet problems?

We can help if there is a problem with the telephone cabling. We cannot help with the telephone lead in cable, but we can repair problems with telephone cabling and outlets in and around the home.

First you need to check there is a dial tone on the line. Simply plug a telephone into the telephone socket (the one that the ADSL modem plugs into). If you get a dial tone, there is no more we can do, you need to speak with your internet service provider or a computer person. We recommend Steve from Warringah IT. You can call Steve on 1300 798 611.

If there is no dial tone when you plug the telephone in, check with your telephone service provider to see if there are any faults with your incoming line. If there are no faults then yes we can look at your telephone cabling and outlets, otherwise your service provider will need to help you.

Are down lights energy saving?

No. However we can supply and install a more energy efficient lamp than the traditional 50 watt halogen dichroic (the normal down light globe). The lamp has an infra red coating which prevents light and heat waste from being lost out the back of the lamp. It forces all its energy down into the room giving you more light for less energy.

The base of my globes always get stuck in the fitting?

A ny time you change a Screw in or BC style lamp, spray a small amount of lubricant (such as WD40) in where the lamp goes. This helps prevent the lamp bases from getting stuck. Ensure the power is switched OFF when you do this.

My remote ceiling fan has stopped working?

First check the batteries in the remote. Even if it has only just been installed the box may have been sitting in warehouses for some time. Trust us, check the batteries...please! Also check that the wall switch is ON. Most of the time even though the ceiling fan operates via the remote, there will still be a wall switch. Again, check that this is ON. Lastly most ceiling fan manufacturers use their own service people. This way they get a better idea of any common faults which occur with their product. Give their service people a call, if the fan is under warranty it shouldn’t cost you anything.

I have no power on certain items?

Check the reset button on your power boards. The little button will trip if it has been overloaded. Avoid plugging in big heating or big load type appliances into power boards. They are fine for clock radios and phone charges etc but plug the big items directly into a wall power point. Get more installed or single or double ones upgraded to quad outlets if necessary. This shouldn’t be a very big job and could save you big dollars compared to a total rewire. Contact your electrician. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

Do I need a safety switch?

Yes it is recommended. By our regulations now, every power point we install must be protected by some form of RCD (residual current device – a safety switch). There are many options. Contact your electrician. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

What is the difference between a fuse, a circuit breaker and a safety switch in my home?

A fuse is the old fashion way to protect against overloading your circuits. A circuit breaker is a modern way to do the same thing with more accuracy. It also provides an easier way to restore power by simply flicking the switch. A safety switch, or RCD (residual current device) protects against current leaking to earth – such as the metal on appliances. It detects when there is an imbalance in the circuit – like electricity flowing through a human when it shouldn’t be. If you still have fuses, it is recommended that you get them replaced with circuit breakers and safety switches. Again, there are many options. Contact your electrician. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

What are some easy ways I can save money on my electricity usage around my home?

Cleaning is a big thing. Regularly remove the dust from heaters, air conditioners, exhaust fans, ceiling fans etc. this will improve the efficiency with which the motor/appliance will operate. In short, it will use less electricity to produce its optimum result of heating, sucking, blowing etc. Then there’s the more common information which you’ve probably heard before like, turn appliances OFF at the wall socket, set up lights onto timers or sensors so they are not always left ON, put the energy saving globes in lights where you can, close doors and windows when you are trying to heat and open them when you are trying to cool. Again, there are many options. Contact your electrician. For your convenience, our number is 9939 1764.

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